Our Lord is Coming Soon!

What is most important to you during the Christmas season?

We are grateful for the salvation God gives us through His Grace, and for the Mercy extended when we believe on His Son, Jesus Christ, receiving Him into our lives.

Make Disciples – and Bring Your Children

Young adults and families were making room in their lives to leave the U.S. and share the Christian message through their medical training. Babies and pregnant women were everywhere in the church auditorium with more young children in the adjoining classrooms.

What were these couples thinking taking vulnerable children to risky places?

30 Years and Counting

I just turned 30. Honestly, I feel just how I thought I would feel and nothing like I thought I would feel.

The Drumbeat of Transformation

The Drumbeat of Transformation: What motivates a person to uproot her life of comfort and security to move to such a harsh environment?

Parenting- Rules or Grace?

By Heidi Bethel What are your parenting goals? We all have them whether consciously or not. Are you trying to raise your children to live happy, fulfilling, and comfortable lives? To be good citizens? To be successful? These are all good and worthy goals. But are they impacting your child’s heart? Are the values taught…

State Champs

By Kim Maxwell Spoiler Alert. Last March, my daughter’s high school basketball team won the state championship! If you’ve ever been a high school athlete, or the parent of one, you know that is not an easy task. It takes perseverance, teamwork, good old-fashioned hard work, and faith. Which is why I love sports. In…

Trial by Jury

By Kimberly Sinclair Have you ever served as a juror for a trial? I have been requested to report for jury duty several times, but not until this week did I actually find myself in court as “Juror #7.” I was a bit intimidated at the thought of being a member of a jury who…

Discipling Across Generations

I care so deeply about discipleship. I am a product of SO many women loving and encouraging me well AND I’m very much a people person. That combination means I am typically ALL IN with relationships with women and young girls. My mom has said since I was young that I will be a forever…

Review: REAL 2.0 Training Guide

This is the first installment in a series of reviews of resources by our WRC (Women’s Resource Council) Discipleship Team: REAL: Reaching, Equipping, Advancing, Leading. A training guide for equipping women to serve in leadership roles in EPC churches that they might be equipped to serve and lead to the glory of God. I have…

Crossing the Divide

We are more connected than ever before, but loneliness is at an all time high (1). Inside and outside of the church, age, beliefs and backgrounds divide people. We need Jesus and we need Christian community more than ever. We need to offer the hope of the gospel to a broken world more than ever….

As if Jesus were going out to Target, again!

What were the highlights of 2018 for you? I’d suspect there are a handful of days you can actually remember. For me, September 6th comes in strong – when I sprained my ankle and was out of commission for months. My friend’s 40th birthday in Mexico is blazed into memory. February 20 Ahh… the ocean….

The Belt of Truth: A Necessary Accessory

When you get up in the morning, do you already know what you’re going to wear for the day or do you grab an outfit with little thought? I usually put a lot of thought into it, especially if it’s a workday. I factor in the weather if I have a meeting, and what’s planned…