The Well

Reverend Sharon Beekmann M.Div
Chair, Women’s Resource Committee

 My mother created the pattern for my dress from pictures in her mind. She cut strips and half-moons from our morning newspaper and spread the red cloth on the floor. “We must pin the pattern on the bias so your dress hangs properly. See this thread? Pull it, and you’ll see the bias.”

Though I stared hard, I could not see the bias. What is a bias? Which thread do I pull? I was six.

 She pinned, cut, and smoothed the cloth with a reverence reserved for our Sunday China and the Holy Bible. Then she brought the cut-up cloth to the sewing machine. At break-neck speed, she sewed the sleeves to the neck and careened down the side seams. Snipping the last thread, she said, “Let’s try it on.” She slipped the dress over my shorts and t-shirt. “Fits perfect! Simple as pie!”

Not for me. I loved my dress.

Digging the Well

The Women’s Resource Council of the EPC

Women from EPC presbyteries gathered in 2015 to create a ministry that would encourage, inspire, and equip women in local churches. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and leaning on seasoned ministry experience, we worked from pictures in our mind and principles of Scripture. We met three times over the next year and a half. We stitched together a God-honoring ministry for women. It was not ‘simple as pie,’ but God’s hand was surely on us.

 The ministry centers on building relationships and equipping women to speak the Word boldly (Acts 4:31). We want to tell people about Jesus. Christ is advancing his Kingdom on earth, and we want get in step with him.

In March 2016, we wrote our vision statement:

The Well: Women’s Resource provides resources to local churches that inspire and facilitate the development of a vibrant, grassroots connectional ministry wherein women are nurtured, encouraged, inspired and equipped to bring Christ to those near and far.

Filling The Well

Believe, Belong, Be Bold, Be Free

The Women’s Resource Council (WRC) is the administrative arm of The Well. We began by asking ourselves what it meant to be a disciple of Christ and leader in his church. We began surveying and vetting resources designed to equip and encourage women to serve Christ in the local church. We divided the resources into two major categories: Discipleship and Leadership.

The discipleship resources fell into four categories: 

  • Believe (discipleship)
  • Belong (community)
  • Be Bold (evangelism)
  • Be Free (healing)

We posted vetted Bible studies as well as print and digital media on topics such as discipleship, evangelization, spiritual formation, soul care, and mentoring. Leadership resources were researched and vetted.

 Building Community at The Well

The Well invites women throughout the denomination to interact on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. On this blog, you will read stories of women’s walks with God, ministry themes, and best practices relevant to discipleship and leadership. Please join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter. Visit the EPC website and scroll down to EPC ministries: The Well. In addition to connecting through social media, the WRC organizes events for women at General Assembly. As the ministry of The Well matures and funds become available, we would like to offer and support regional seminars and retreats.

Funding The Well

The Well is funded by donations from members of congregations, church Sessions, and Presbyteries. It is not funded by the denominational giving know as “per member asking.” To make a donation directly to The Well, click here

Money is currently spent on travel and lodging expenses for council members to attend two meetings a year. We also have administrative costs, e.g., printing, etc. As we receive donations, the Council will be able to expand our offerings.

Creating a ministry is both exciting and terrifying. As a child, I stared at the cloth on the floor and could not imagine the dress I would wear the next day. Likewise, when thirteen women from across the country assembled at the General Assembly office, we could not know what God would do in and through us. We trusted him. We laughed. We prayed. We said goofy and sometimes wise things. God stitched the ministry together. We praise him.

Come to The Well. Together we serve Christ and proclaim the Gospel– it’s such Good News!

Sharon Beekmann is a graduate of Denver Seminary and ordained minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. She serves on the National Leadership Team of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Chairs the Women’s Resource Council that develops and oversees EPC’s women’s ministry. 






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