Spiritual Mothering: A Testimonial

shutterstock_583329838.jpgThere was a tap on my shoulder but I ignored it. There was another tap on my shoulder and I thought about it but did nothing. There was a stronger push and I realized God wanted me to lead the ladies in our church on an adventure to learn to mentor others.

After announcing this class at church, putting an article in the church newsletter, and personally talking to many women in our little church, we met on a Wednesday evening and thirteen women attended. This is a miracle to me as we have about 80 members in our church. I chose the book, “Spiritual Mothering,” by Susan Hunt, as a mentoring tool and guide.

We met weekly for 12 weeks to discuss the book and how each of us could become a mentor to another woman or a few women. It challenged us to step out of our comfort zones and to meet other women in our church and outside our church.

shutterstock_9422311 (1)

Titus 2:1-5 was our guide. As I did not have a study guide to follow, I read and let the Lord do the teaching. That was a challenge and a teaching tool for me as I have always thought I needed a “study guide” to lead a group. What a wonderful experience we all had! We shared our lives with each other, we laughed, we accepted one another, and we came to know each other better. God was always present when we came together and taught us to be women who can reach out to others.

As a group, we are ready to open the doors to new women as they come to our church. We are a church who is remaking itself and are hoping and praying that we will see growth in our lives and in our church. We want to encourage women, accept them, equip them, share forgiveness and comfort, and nurture them along their Christian walk.

After going through Susan Hunt’s book, we have chosen to continue as a group and meet weekly because we see the need for Jesus to guide us through our lives and we need the strength of one another. We also need the encouragement of one another when we begin that mentoring process with other women. I would encourage any women to find a group to be a part of or start one. God bless you in your journey!Kathy

Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Kathy Marcy is a founding member of the EPC Women’s Resource Council. She is a Pastor’s wife and a retired nurse and has served alongside her husband for the past 30 years in churches in Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. She enjoys teaching piano lessons and teaching Sunday School for special needs children. She has also organized and led women’s Bible studies, including a mentoring group for high school-aged girls, prayer groups and VBS. 

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